- Hello there! THREADERIEBYM is my little passion project turned business! It is a U.A.E.-based shop focused on handmade crochet items.- Orders and other inquiries can be placed through DMs.- Available are the items presented on my feed and an option for customized orders. For more information, here are more detailed breakdowns:

Custom Ordering

- Custom orders are dependent on how large the item requested is, the materials required, and the time required to make it.- Custom orders can be placed through DMs where pricing, style, and colors can be discussed.- I will not be able to take all custom orders at all times, it is a first come first serve dynamic, and if I have the time to make the requested order.- Custom orders will be charged accordingly, commonly more than the posted items available.- Custom color based on availability.


- Pricing is broken down into the amount of yarn used, manual effort, and any additional materials needed to complete the project.- Custom orders are priced higher.- Orders with specific color requests will be charged a slight extra for additional effort to remake the item.- The type of yarn used also adds to the price accordingly.- Online payments through bank transfer or PayPal are heavily encouraged.- Cash on delivery is available for specific places.


- Delivery is available within all the cities in the UAE.- International country deliveries need to be discussed privately with their own costs.- Items, once shipped out, will be delivered in 1-2 days.- No refunds and no returns.- 20-30 DHS delivery charge depending on the city.- Meet-ups to collect the item are also an option for no delivery fee.

Rules and Regulations

- No cancellation of orders after receiving an "order confirmed" message.- No refunds or returns.- Preferably, the customer must be online at least once a day for smooth communications.- My personal pictures used for promotion are not to be used by anyone else without direct permission.